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Analog Sunset - Shapes EP - Cassette

$4.00 / On Sale

"Shapes," the fantastic new indie Pop/Rock EP from CT Darlings Analog Sunset, consists of five songs that come together to form an energetic, summery soundtrack. The band bounce through 5 songs of melody-laden Rock n' Roll Jams with fuzzy, soulful vocals over guitars and drums reminiscent of the Pop-Punk gems of yesteryear.

To complement this warm sound, Further Sky Records is releasing the Shapes EP on cassette tape, a format that we think will really convey the band's unique sound well. Available on a limited run of 100 hand-numbered tapes, this is a record you're not going to want to miss out on. All pre-orders come with a special digital download that features a bonus track only available through the pre-order.

Pick up yours now, and long live physical media!